Discipleship Coach Training
...with three coaching approach to discipleship courses

Imagine, every believer in your church or missional community empowered with a coaching approach to make disciples! @nelsonroth

1. Train the Discipler™ Workshop (Onsite and Online LIVE)

This training launches Relevant Discipleship in a church after a leader begins experiencing the discipleship process themselves with a Relevant Ministry Discipleship Coach.

The three-hour workshop presents a coaching approach to an intentional discipleship process that multiplies. Contact Nelson Roth at Relevant Ministry (nelson@relevantministry.org) to begin your one-to-one Relevant Discipleship process and to schedule a workshop for your church.

2. Basic Coach Training (Onsite and Online LIVE)

Learn a coaching approach to life, ministry and disciple making!

This six-hour training, taught by Nelson and Pam Roth (PCC) from Relevant Ministry, Inc. in partnership with Coaching4Clergy, is for individuals wanting to develop core coaching skills or for those who have taken the Train the Discipler™ Workshop, are making disciples and rising up as potential group leaders in their church or missional community.

Check the schedule below for upcoming Basic Coach Training dates both onsite at the RM Center in Pass Christian, MS and online.

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Upcoming Dates:

The six-hour training is $75 per person, plus $20 for a coaching book "The Next Great Awakening" by J. Val Hastings from Coaching4Clergy.


Those who've taken a previous Basic Coach Training, can attend free! This is a great opportunity for further personal development as a coach. Be sure to email Nelson Roth (nelson@relevantministry.org) to reserve your place in the training and when you plan to attend.

3. Certificate in Discipleship Coaching (Online LIVE)

This twenty-four hour discipleship coaching course is for pastors, church overseers of discipleship, and leaders of multiple missional communities.

This Certification in Discipleship Coaching is taught by Nelson and Pam Roth (PCC) from Relevant Ministry, Inc. in partnership with Coaching4Clergy. This certification will give pastors and leaders necessary discipleship coaching skills to lead their ministry as an overseer of discipleship; as well as, qualify leaders interested in being a Relevant Ministry Discipleship Coach to other churches.

More information and registration for the next course during October-November 2016 is on the Coaching4Clergy website. Basic Coach Training is a prerequisite for those who are new to coaching.

The twenty-four hours of this course are transferable, and fulfill the elective requirement, for those interested in gaining their ACC and PCC coaching credential with the International Coach Federation.

This course is also continued education for those who are already credentialed coaches and desire to learn coachiing with a discipleship focus.


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As a discipler on the Relevant Discipleship Pathway, take your coaching approach to the next level.

Coaching is coming alongside another person, asking powerful questions to help them make discovery.

Along the lifelong discipleship journey, the coaching approach of Relevant Discipleship provides a judgement free safe place where two people get real with each other and the Holy Spirit works.

Join us for Discipleship Coach Training at the RM Center in Pass Christian, MS and Online LIVE.


Nelson Roth (PCC) and
Pam Roth (PCC) are
Coaching4Clergy Certified
Coach Trainers and Coaching4Clergy Faculty.


Relevant Discipleship leaves the classroom and through relationships and the 7 disciplines makes room for a deeper relationship with God. @nelsonroth

Jesus asked 300+ questions requiring listeners to think through their responses about following Him. How are questions part of your disciple making? @nelsonroth


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