Adult Volunteer

If you're retired or are retiring soon,
what are your plans?

Here's an opportunity to volunteer and do Kingdom ministry. Your wisdom, knowledge and life experience could be greatly used to further God's purposes.

Relevant Ministry will provide opportunities for you to serve God and experience hands-on ministry to others on the Gulf Coast in a fresh and relevant way.

Contact RM about your personal skills and life experiences. You may discover that you are a good match to meet the ministry needs in a church or a ministry along the Gulf Coast.

If this interests you - contact us today.

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"Watching how the RM staff worked with the people in the community was a great teaching time."

Training future leaders

Building healthy ministries

Serving on the Gulf Coast

At Relevant Ministry, our vision is to equip leaders to minister relevantly in churches that will be healthy and thriving.
Our mission, to fulfill this vision, is training future leaders - building healthy ministries - and serving on the Gulf Coast.

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